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Hello! My name is Risa Greiss.
Walking into my first yoga class in my early 20’s, I immediately felt something awaken in me that I just could not explain. A connection to something far greater than I could understand at the time. From that point on, even when I drifted from the practice, I was always drawn back. Dare I say that yoga saved my life? Yes. I dare say. Because in fact, it did.

The anxiety and dis-connect from my body that had been a part of my life for so long, finally had found something that could speak to it. And understand. Over the years, yoga became like a trusted friend. Always there when I needed it. In time, there was a rising need in me to share this with others. I was feeling pulled to help people discover what I had discovered.

But honestly, I never thought “I” could become a yoga teacher. Even though I had been doing yoga for so long, I never thought of myself as overly flexible or particularly strong. However, I knew that yoga was so much more than those stereotypical ideas about it. And something in me just knew that this had to be my path. I knew I had something to offer. So, with my heart beating out of my chest, I embarked on my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 and became certified. And I haven’t looked back since! More recently, I completed an additional 500 hour course on Therapeutic Yoga for injury, illness and mental health issues. It seemed only fitting that I should use my personal experience with stress, anxiety and depression, to help others going through the same thing. I have also completed an advanced yoga teacher mini-training in Yoga for Trauma & Addiction.

My curiosity about energy and the ability for one to take control of their own health and healing drew me to the practice of Reiki. I thought this would be a perfect complement to my yoga practice. Plus, I wanted to share all of this amazing “stuff” with people. I became certified as a Reiki practitioner several years ago and in July 2015, I completed my Reiki Master training. More recently, in February 2018, I was elevated to Reiki Master Teacher. I am now offering trainings to people who want to learn Reiki. Tapping into the  powerful healing energy of the universe, has enriched not only my yoga practice, but my life as well, and I really want to share this!

In my “other life” I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Brooklyn College, as well as a degree in graphic design from Parsons School of Design in NYC.

I am forever a student, and am filled with the utmost of gratitude to be able to have the opportunity to offer Yoga and Reiki to others, while continuing to learn and be on the same path right along with my students. : )

[Risa Greiss is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. The information on this site is not meant to replace regular medical care. Please speak with your physician before beginning any new practice.]